Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Assignment plan session

Went pretty well.  Title good.  Less focus on search skills per se and more on teacher as facilitator.  Have got some books to read from the library (first hurdle overcome!).

These notes are the key points from my assignment proposal:  ICT to enhance learning and teaching; can teachers ignore ICT, changing role of teacher ie managing information; very little interactive ICT; aim to explor how to implement ICT, disjunction between teachers & students, opportunity to engage (ie close the gap).

Slide 5 notes - Models - tutor, tool, tutee (TTT) does touch on this, pluralistic model of pedagagy - ie different models for diferent subjects / aims.

Slide 6 - Thinking can be expressed in a variety of formats (ie not just written down, but vocally, graphically etc).  Can we / should we use technology to express thinking creatively.

Slide 7 - Often computer use is Ritualistic - ie using computers very unimaginatively.  Teachers skill set is an issue.  eg I produce my workbooks as a long, full course document, and then split lessons up to go on Moodle.  If I 'thought' differently, and produced my notes in separate lessons, I would save myself a job.

Digital immigrants and digital natives is the interesting slant.  As is pedagogy - talking about lots of pedagogies (can't remember the exact term but wrote it down), different use of ICT for different courses.

Thoughts for research project - Facebook environment for learners? - trial it and evaluate it's worth in our setting.

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