Friday, 22 July 2011

App Inventor

A colleague of mine is creating a Moodle site for a course on developing mobile apps, and is looking for interested people to get involved.  Not being adverse to a bit of programming, I thought I might have a look.  Initially, I think the idea is to get started with app development, and to record progress as it happens.

Today, I have gone to App Inventor for Android and made a start on the set up process ready to begin playing.

Step 1 Remove old versions of Java...
After an online test, it appears I've got rather a lot of old versions of Java and Runtime, so I'm firstly removing all the old versions (a little bit tedious but should free up a lot of space and make things a bit more stable). 

Step 2 Installing up to date version...
This caused me a bit of grief - no idea why really, but that darned little Java applet wouldn't show, so did a second install of the latest version, and now it's working fine.

Step 3 Testing Java for App Inventor
Carried out the simple (well, it was for me!!) notepad.jnlp test as talked through by the App Inventor set up pages, and it worked perfectly.

That's all I've got time for now, seems I'm good to go....

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