Thursday, 4 February 2016

Adobe Document Cloud

I've discovered Adobe Document Cloud and what it offers me in terms of PDF documents.

This week I have been away from my desk carrying out lesson observations. During the observations, I write notes on a standard form.  I give my feedback to the tutor concerned, take a photo of the 2-page form on my mobile and then leave the form with the tutor.

I then upload the photos to my Evernote account, and in the past, I have waited until I've been at my desk to download the files, convert the two pages into a single PDF using Acrobat, and then email them to our Quality department.

Recently though, Acrobat was removed from my desktop PC, so I was looking for a way to convert two separate JPEGs for each observation into a single PDF.  I discovered Adobe Document Cloud did exactly what I wanted.

I already have an Adobe Creative Cloud account.  By going into the Document Cloud, I can Create PDFs by dragging and dropping the JPEGs into the browser.  I can then combine the two PDFs into one by selecting them and giving them a new name.  I'm pleased at how easy it is.

I could probably send the JPEGs from my phone directly to Creative Cloud - so that's the next step to investigate.  I love it when things just work!!

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