Monday, 13 June 2016

Microsoft OneDrive - Sharing Folders

Most of the time I think Office 365 is pretty good - keeping shared documents in one location in order to make sure we are all working from the most up to date version, for example.

However, there are some things within OneDrive which are mighty annoying.

Organising Shared Folders

Firstly, sorting the 'shared with me' files and folders seems to me to be very flawed.  This morning I seemed to be able to sort my shared files and folders into alphabetical order, making it somewhat simpler to find the folder I was looking for.

This afternoon that functionality seems to have disappeared.  I can sort by date, but not by title.  Perhaps that's just me having a dull moment.  I will try again tomorrow.

Moving Files from my Personal Drive to a Shared Folder

This would appear to be a real design flaw.  I'm working on some leaflets that need updating.  The folder has been created by another member of staff and shared with our team.  They are graphic heavy, so need to be downloaded into Word to work on for full functionality.  As they are works in progress, I want to save them into my own area so I can check them all when finished and then return them to the shared folder.

This cannot be done.  Having saved my updated version into my own OneDrive, I now have to download them one by one to my computer, and then re-upload them to the shared area.  This seems to me to be totally illogical.  A quick Google search confirms that this is indeed the case, and that there is no way to move a file from my own staff OneDrive into another OneDrive folder that has been shared with me.

Come on Microsoft, this seems like a simple ask!!  A drag and drop function would make this a breeze.  I'll keep my fingers crossed for an update soon!

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