Sunday, 5 February 2012

QR codes

Well I've thoroughly enjoyed preparing my next web design lesson.  We'll be reviewing good & bad web design, which I think will be interesting and offers a great opportunity for collaborative working, and then I'm going to do a session on QR codes, which I think will be great fun.

I've generated a couple of codes of my own to get the class started, but I can see great potential for this with my teenage students, who I think could be very easily engaged in a variety of ways using QR codes.  Definitely one of the more interactive aspects of ICT at the moment!!


  1. I'm planning an online training session on QR codes - perhaps you can drop in and share some ideas!! I love QR codes. I remember covering them with my e-marketing students in 2007 when they were used for the promotion of the DVD release of 28 Weeks Later and started appearing on Pepsi cans. They were a big craze in Japan at the time and the class looked at me bemused as I raved about them being the next big thing in marketing. I also started exploring how they could be used in class, but didn't get much of a chance to develop this. Hope it all goes well.


  2. Thanks for your comment Matt. I'd love to drop in on your QR codes session - let me know when it is!

    I taught this session to one group before half term, and another this week. Generally it was very enthusiastically received. Someone said they couldn't 'see the point' of them, so I suggested that a taxi firm might get them printed onto beer mats - potentially an easy way to generate business at the end of the night!

    Let me know if you'd like my class notes :)