Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Funny moments

Teaching in FE is always a challenge, and there seem to be more difficult days than easy ones.

I've had a few laughs today though.  Firstly, I quote a paragraph taken from one of my youngest FE students, who is talking about using Word's Spelling and Grammar checker:

Proof reading is good so that Michael does not make masitakes because of his bad seight and its also useful to binds curtain words to  write more paragraphs and things because it is very helpful if you are typing the same thing over and over again.

And then, from another student who is writing about the Welsh business, Braces Bread.  After having already put in his final assignment

#Fact I did not know that braces bread was a welsh company I think that is brilliant because it brings money into the welsh economy.

He went on to comment

they was the first British bread makers to sell their bread sliced which is a good thing because I’ve bought bread you have to cut yourself and I just mess it up all the time
An entertaining lot, aren't they?!

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