Tuesday, 3 July 2012

My Year in FE

I thought that as the end of term is now approaching it might be time to review what I've learnt this year.  It's funny really to think of it like that - after all, I'm the one whose supposed to be delivering the learning, but I think it could be me who's learnt the most!

Academically, I've learnt a lot.  I've added some strings to my bow - teaching a new course at Foundation Degree, a new level in Web Design, and a fair few new BTEC courses (new to me, if not to the world at large).

I've researched, read, studied, absorbed, sorted, analysed and then rewritten what I've discovered all over again, in my own words, in order to get it clear in my own head.  I've then passed what I've learnt onto my students, and encouraged them to follow suit.  I've honed my classroom and time management skills.  I now work smarter and more efficiently, because time has been so precious.  I've also developed my own academic skills as I've got through the second year of my MA - next year I will be starting my dissertation.

So reflecting on my own development, I can see a huge change in myself.  I feel much more confident in what I know (and indeed what I don't).  I don't see that the gaps in my knowledge are bad things - just gaps that over time I'd like to fill.  I know I can survive FE if I ultimately choose that path, and I know how much I've enjoyed stretching myself with the HE courses I've taught.  I've also found immense satistfaction in my Community Education activities.

It's been a stressful, challenging, but fruitful year, and now I'm looking forward to a well earned rest before it starts all over again!

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